The Cycle

Anyone can take on the Cycle challenge at any time throughout the year. The requirements are:

  • 13 workouts in 13 days.
  • You must Q at least one of them.
  • Your Q should be a bootcamp style workout.
  • In total, that is 6 workouts per week in consecutive weeks, plus a Tough Guy Tuesday (virtual) as the 13th workout in one of the weeks – this will be provided by F3 Puget Sound and more details will be provided
  • Each workout must be at a different AO. No repeats!
  • Southerners (those that live South of the I-10) must go North of the I-10 at least twice and Northerners (those that live North of the I-10) must go South of the I-10 at least twice in the 13 day period.
  • You must be present for the entire workout. No LIFOS! That means no showing up late or leaving early. Stay honest with yourself – your integrity is more important than attaining the cycle.
  • OTB workouts count, as long as they are at least 45 minutes long and involve 3+ PAX(including you)
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