The F3 Phoenix TransMission

Attributes of a Gear within the F3 TransMission

  • A gear is useless if rotating alone.
  • Gear’s efforts are intertwined and have overlapping responsibilities and efforts.
  • Speed/efficiency/productivity of the entire gear train (or transmission) is determined by a single gear.
  • Note: A single gear can be a leader and a team.

The mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership. Specifically in Phoenix, we’d like to see us grow beyond Fitness and encourage each other in Fellowship and Faith.



The Q of the Region.
It’s his problem.
Primary telegram line to The Nation.


“Shakes the weasels” and makes sure everyone’s doing what they are supposed to do.
Loves spreadsheets, rules, and details.
Keeps the ear to the ground and finger on the pulse of the PAX.


Keeps PAX connected.
Beats the drum to keep the community together.
Chief announcement dude and social media maven.
Twitter, Slack, FB, IG, Website, Newsletters, etc. are the tools he uses.
Reasonably tech-savvy and does not support the Oxford comma.


Ensures the smooth running of the AOs.
He makes sure that Site Qs are doing their jobs
Also helps to plan and execute CSAUPs
He holds regular Q Schools to encourage leadership of workouts.
Chief Naysayer on anything that doesn’t allow PAX to be “Freed to Lead”.


Mr. Party Pants.
Whether it be Happy Hour, family picnics, Christmas Parties, or Coffeeteria, this is the guy who makes the donuts.
The CommzQ is his best friend, as he attempts to get Pax motivated and excited about Fellowshipping together.


Understands the needs and wants of his Pax.
Can plant anything from an open discussion group to a regular community service opportunity for Pax.
His role is the essence of F3. Male COMMUNITY Leadership.


The F3 Ambassadors, if you will. Every man’s first impression of F3 will likely be guided by the work of these men. This is where the rubber really meets the road.

He makes sure that the core principles are kept intact, which is impossible to do if HE ISN’T THERE. So, the inferred commandment is, BE THERE. Every time. Period.

He plants the flag for the AO, makes folks feel welcome, makes sure the disclaimer is correctly spoken, picks up the 6, etc. He manages safety for the site (don’t post if there is a bunch of lightning, that sort of thing).
He champions the Q schedule. Practices Voluntoldism…
He sells the AO, the Qs, and the Mission of F3.
He harasses Qs to write BBs, etc.

Check out the leadership roles and responsibilities here.

The above are just a list of examples. The Nant’an, Weasel Shaker, and ComzQ can assist in each and every effort. Encouraging you (and your team) with the tools you will need to accomplish the mission.

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