Super Hero Bootcamp II

Title: Super Hero Bootcamp II: Rise of the Anti Hero
Date: 2022-03-26
AO: The Furnace
Q: Blockbuster, (addendum — Blockbuster was demoted to “Random Video Guy” after Thelma broke 2 different blocks)
PAX: Chief, Thelma, Spatzle, Sweater Vest, Focker, Panther, Chuck Wagon, Saber, Dyson, Muskie, BabyRuth, kodak
FNGs: 0
Count: 14

Jack of All Trades.
Inchworm into plank
5 Plank Jacks
5 Peter Parkers
World’s Greatest Stretch
5 ranger merkins
5 fire hydrants each leg
Inchworm back to standing
10 backslappers
5 sweater squats – straight leg bent over for 5 count
stand up and pull sweater apart for a 5 count
5 seal claps
5 overhead claps
5 side straddle hops
5 heel raises

The Thang:
Mosey to 38th parallel
We do repetitions in descending order 25/20/15/10/5

To practice leaping from building to building Long jump – from standing jump as far as possible then shuffle back to start. 1 is 5
Gazelles run to tree line, Clydesdales rifle carry cindy to 38th parallel and back

To prepare for when a super ices up the road Windmill skaters

To carry a kryptonite bomb in a lead case beneath Superman’s fortress of solitude Duck walk with cindy to distress beacon

To drag a buddy out of harm’s way Bear crawl drag cindy back to 38th parallel

To get back up after a super knocks you down Sit up stand up with cindy 1 is 5
Gazelles run to distress beacon then parcour to top of Focker hill,
Clydesdales rifle carry cindy to distress beacon

To fight back after the villain sweeps the leg Karate Kid snap kicks
Gazelles run, Clydesdales rifle carry back to 38th parallel
Early finishers can repeat their favorites until time is up

Form teams of 3.
To practice rescuing a team mate in distress. Two heroes drag a 3rd under his arms to beacon. Switch and drag to the top of Focker Hill. Switch and drag back to the beacon. All three walk in slow motion imagining a giant explosion behind them.

Dancing Crab x10
Freddy Mercury in a canoe x10
Arm release knee thrust merkins x10
One leg raise x10 each leg
Shot Caller V 30 count
Side plank angels 5x per side
Ab stretch
Kneeling foot hold stretch
Side stretch 10 seconds each side
Elephant stretch 10 seconds

Blood drive was a success! GoRuck event happening in Gilbert this Sunday! Check out the Ruck channel.April 9th at the furnace: 4 year anniversary workout followed by a taco truck!

When you think that something needs to be done, clean up the park, donate blood, help someone, that is your conscience or higher power calling you to action. The old Hebrew word in the bible is “hineni.” It means, “Here I am.” But it also means, ”I am paying attention. I am ready.” Listen to that call and you will be the hero you were destined to be. Everyone named their super power. Errata: We discovered in a surprise twist that Thelma is actually Blockbuster’s younger self, locked into an alternate timeline.

Ukraine, Afghanistan, Uighurs. Anyone who is downtrodden. Thanksgiving for our health and for F3.

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