Long Odds

AO: The Range
Beatdown Date: 05/21/2021
Q: Sweater Vest
Pax: Bear Trap, Boba, Bull Husky, Chief, Double Nickel, Fire and Ice, Genie, Mr. Rogers, No Ma’am, RoadRash, Scoop, U-Haul, TNT
FNG: Big Sky
DR Pax:

Brief intro and disclaimer were given. The PAX moseyed around the soccer field to warm up and then proceeded into side straddle hop (11x), windmills (11x), merkins (11x), WWII (11x), and superman (11x). The PAX then got in Indian Run formation and began a jog around the soccer fields.

The Thang:
As the PAX approached the steep hill in the SE corner of the soccer complex, SV asked Genie to roll 2 dice. The result was a 7. The PAX proceeded to run up the hill and did 6 burpees, ran down the hill and did 1 WWII. Rinse and repeat until everyone did 1 burpee and 6 WWIIs. Then the PAX moseyed back to the flag for some more games of chance. The PAX was broken up into dark shirts vs everyone else. One member of each team rolled a dice. The highest roll then selected a card and chose if his team wanted to do the exercise (Bobby Hurley’s, hand release merkins, or heart merkins). After a few rounds, the teams played soccer (with volleyball). Some great work by Scoop, No Ma’am, Mr. Rogers, and Bull Husky). The BD concluded with 6 minutes of rapid fire Mary.

SV reminded everyone that long odds sometimes win – rain in AZ and 11th seeds in sports.
Never give up, and always outwork the competition.

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