Billy Madison – Back to School

AO: The Furnace
Beatdown Date: 05/22/2021
Q: Sandman
Pax: Blockbuster, Bushwood, Creamy, Fire and Ice, Focker, Panther, Papa Doc, Pink Gorilla, Ratatouille, Sabre, Sandman, Sherpa, Spud, Wax Off
DR Pax:

Motivators, Windmills, Arm Circles followed by an Indian Run Merkin Mile with 5 stops for 22 Merkins at each (May 22nd). 110 Merkin Mile.

The Thang:
We went back to school “Billy Madison” style to repeat grades 1 – 12. Starring Adam Sand(man)ler. Featuring a Billy Madison inspired soundtrack (think Billy Squier & Styx) and sprinkled with some Creedence.

1st – Diamond Merkins x12 (run loop)
2nd – Dips x12 (1st+2nd+run loop)
3rd – WW2 x12 (1st+2nd+3rd+run loop)
4th – American Hammer x12 (1+2+3+4+run, etc)
5th – Freddie Mercury x12
6th – Squats x12
7th – Lunges x12
8th – Monkey Humpers x12
9th – Mountain Climbers x12
10th – Shoulder Touches x12
11th – Plank Jack’s x12
12th – Burpees x12

A run loop after each grade and adding the next workout to each of the previous grades. (Run loop could be substituted with 5 pull ups)

Congratulations on earning your high school diploma! 🎓🥳

“Mr. Madison, what you have just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard…”…I’M IN!

Went all the way to the end with Billy Madison to make sure everyone graduated (Mary built into the grades).

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