Blame it on Cleveland – North Shore Edition

AO: North Shore
Beatdown Date: 05/20/2021
Q: Timber
Pax: Chief, Ocho, RoadRash, Short Stack, Sweater Vest
DR Pax: Toro (Gold Rush)

YHC is doing the Miles and Merkins challenge set up by F3 Cleveland so I wanted to make sure to get a lot of that in today. I also like checking out new areas and was curious about an area I had seen just north of the 101 so we mosey over to the West Trailhead of the Lomo Trail and did the following:
Hillbilly Walkers x 10 IC
Grady Corn x 20 IC
Tappy Taps x 15 IC
Iron Cross x 15 IC

The Thang:
We then proceeded to do an Indian Run around the park. None of us had run this trail below so we sort of picked directions at random when the trail split. We wound up doing about a 2 mile loop around the entire park. We stopped 5 times to do 20 merkins at each stop and give the pax a breather. At one point we hit a dead end but Short Stack and Ocho (AKA Lewis and Clark) blazed us a trail back to the expressway. Sweatervest had to split early so waved farewell to him as we ran back to the grass hill and did a partner workout with one partner running down the hill to the wall and back while the other partner did ….wait for it…MERKINS! All in all I got 140 merkins in plus 10 more at the end of mary.

Finished with ring of fire for mary.
Mountain Climbers
Big Boy Situps
Australian Snow Angels

Going away party for Twinkle Toes. Stay Tuned.

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