HIM HIT Beatdown at the Royal

AO: The Royale
Beatdown Date: 05/13/2021
Q: Mr. Rogers
Pax: BDecka, Choo-Choo, Focker, Frenchy, Genie, Gumbo
FNG: Green Burrito
DR Pax:

High Impact Man (Him) deserves some High Intensity Training (Hit)
Side straddle hop, knee bends, toe touches, side bends, imperial walkers, arm circles: Arthur Jones

The Thang:
Indian Run: Slow jog
Split into two groups going in opposite directions around the park: After 5 squats back sprints to the front.
Groups meet in the middle of the park, front tow in each line rotate, do 5 merkins, yell hit, and join the rear of the line.

Pair up: one partner exercises while other partner runs and jumps through two agility stick places 25 and 50 yards away.
1. Plank, kick through, front kick: 50 reps
2. Tiger-bend push-up, spiderman crunch: 75 reps
3. Shoulder tap, donkey kick: 100 reps

Prone flutter kicks
Head and shoulder curls
American hammers
Leg climbers

Announcements: St Mary’s food bank volunteer (family included above 10 years old) June 13th. See chief to register.
Prayer Requests: Support for a family member to remain sober, children to get vaccinated, Focker mother in law for healing.

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