Q#4 – NFL Draft day Combine Trivia

AO: RocketTown
Beatdown Date: 05/08/2021
Q: Live Wire
Pax: Mushu, Petra, The Minotaur
DR Pax:

Disclaimer and Warmups

The Thang:
Get the legs nice and jello like with: 100 squats

40s: 40 yard sprints + Jog back x 10
Bench Press: Merkins 64 Reps
Broad Jump: Broad Jump as far as you can + Sprint (35ish yards) + Jog Back x12
Core: Dying Cockroaches x 15 (10 sets)
20 yard shuttle: 20 yard sprints x 15

Timed 40s – Goal was to break 6.0 seconds. (Worst recorded NFL combine 40 yard dash)
LiveWire, Petra and The Minotaur were all very close to the 6 second mark, even under. We are requesting tryouts with the Cardinals, just waiting to hear back.

Measured Broad Jump – Petra stole the show with an official distance of 7 Mushu Feet + 3 Fingers. πŸ₯‡

10 minute cool down Mosey around the park.


Reps were based on Trivia- pre determined Reps were based on the combine records.

Best 40: 2017 John Ross, WR – 4.22s
Worst 40: 2011 Isaiah Thompson OT – 6.00s
The Minotaur was spot on with these guesses – we did 10, 40s. Was under 1 second total on guess of combined time 10.22s.

Bench Press (225 lbs) Record: 1991 Justin Ernest, DT – 51 Reps
Team vote was to go with The Minotaurs gut, 38 Reps possibly being the record. Record was 51, Being 13 Reps short- we added 13 reps and did 64.

Broad Jump: 12’3” Bryon Jones, CB, 2015
This one was rather difficult to fathom someone who was under 6 foot, jumping 2x + their body height, so we did 12 Reps.

Honor the Moms, Mother Figures, Grandmothers this weekend! Pray for India and their navigation through COVID. Great work men!

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