No Blood, Some Sweat, No Tears

AO: Camelback
Beatdown Date: 05/10/2021
Q: Chief
Pax: Armstrong, Focker, Genie, No Ma’am, River Dance, RoadRash
DR Pax:

Disclaimer given and we’re off right on time!

The Thang:
Minute on/minute off for the way up to our turning point. Minute on = running and minute off = hiking.

Surprisingly not much discussion about food was had while we ran 😁

On way down it was good morning to all the hikers! A good morning back = 1 rep of named exercise and no good morning back = 3 rep of named exercise.

Stop 1: 25 calf raises IC
Stop 2: 25 werkins (you’re welcome Armstrong)
Stop 3: 26 lunges
Stop 4: 34 incline merkins at the benches (you’re welcome again Armstrong)
Stop 5 (helo pad): 24 burpees to finish strong!

Announcements: Prayer night tonight, bible study tomorrow, 2nd F lunch this Friday Chelsea’s kitchen 11:45am.

Great seeing No Ma’am and River Dance join us today on the “hike”! A lot of talk about getting a River Dance, Dirty Dancing, and Dancing Widow together for a joint Q sometime…one can hope 😉

Finished up talking about how our attitudes (positive or negative) impact the people around us even when we don’t realize it. Let’s strive to be positive around others, grateful for what we have, and take advantage of the day we’ve been given!

Have a great week men!

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