JFK’s Presidential Workout

AO: RocketTown
Beatdown Date: 05/10/2021
Q: Mr. Rogers
Pax: Bull Husky, Moonshot, Mushu, Petra, Pointer, Repo
DR Pax:

JFK’s a presidential Exercise Regiment: https://www.jfklibrary.org/sites/default/files/2020-03/PhysicalFitnessPamphlet.pdf

Orientation Program:
Conditioning Exercises –
Bend and stretch: bend down and stretch to your toes for a three count to 15.
Knee lift: standing straight up eyes up chest up pull right knee up for 3 count alternate to left leg to 20.
Wing stretcher: raid arms with fists touching just below the chin. Open fists pulling elbows back for 3 count to 15.
Half knee bend: standing straight legs shoulder length apart rails arms and bend knees for 3 count (heels come up) to 15
Arm circles: front, back, overhead, and seal
Body Bender: standing straight with hands interlaced around the back of the head, 3 count cadence to the right and 3 count to he left to 20.
Prone arch: on stomach with hands on thighs flex head and shoulders up for 3 count to 12
Knee push-up: in cadence on “up” to 40+
Head and shoulder curl: lay on back with both hands tucked under the small of the back. 3 count flex up head and shoulder eye level with toes for 15z
Ankle stretch: toes on parking block or up at least three inches. Stretch down for 3 count to 15.

The Thang:
Step ups 1 min each round: 10 seconds rest in between
1. Right foot first
2. Left foot first
3. Alternating
4. Right foot first for 30 seconds, left foot first for 30 seconds.

Partner Conditioning: one partner exercises while the other runs and jumps through agility sticks 25 yards and 50 yards away. Combine count between partners.
1. 50 Toe Touch: bend and touch your ankle, up, mid foot, up, and toe, up for 1.
2. 100 Sprinters: Sprint position with head up and chest up alternating 1 is one.
3. 150 Push-ups
4. 200 Alternating side leg raisers: 100 left and 100 right.

3 min of Mary:
1. Stomach flutter kicks: in cadence to 12
2. LBC’s: to 40
3. American hammers to 15

Announcements: St Mary’s Food bank volunteer opportunity is comming up. Check with Chief to get scheduled.
Prayers for travel safety and for hard work.

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