Cinco De Mayo Birds Nest Beatdown

AO: The Birds Nest
Beatdown Date: 05/05/2021
Q: Mr. Rogers
Pax: Choo-Choo, Fire and Ice, Focker, Genie, Grunt, Panther, Sandman
FNG: Shank
DR Pax:

Do the PAX and FNG
1. Open to all men
2. Peer lead
3. Rain or shine
4. Free
5. Circle of trust
Title: Team Cinco De Mayo Beatdown
Warm-Up: Side straddle hop, windmills, arm circles, Apollo onos, grass cutters, 5 motivators,

The Thang:
Slow Indian run: back to front and front to back with 5 merkins

Team CINCO: pair up, one partner exercises while the other runs and jumps through the agility sticks 50 and 100 yards from the start.
100 – Caterpillars: bend at the waist, crawl put to a plank, and crawl back up to standing for 1
200 – Imperial walkers: alternating knee to elbow
300 – Narrow squats: feet together squat into heels.
400 – Crunches (LBC’s)
500 – Over head presses

5 min of Mary

Announced upcoming Q’s at the Range, Ranch, Royal, and Scorch.
St Mary’s Food bank volunteer food packing is coming up, Chief is organizing.

Prayer requests: prayers for friends and family struggling with alcohol or drug addiction.

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