Cinco De Plinko – Disc Golf Challenge

AO: RocketTown
Beatdown Date: 05/05/2021
Q: Moonshot
Pax: Live Wire, Mushu, Pointer, Repo
DR Pax:

Free & Peer Led – I’m not a professional! Outdoor & At your own risk – Push yourself but don’t overdo it! In the end our goal is to have fun while working out. We are in a Public Park – please watch your footing. We end with a COT. Men 18 and older. (Some of us are much older). History of Plinko & Cinco.

The Thang:
5:30 Warm-A-Rama:
5 Arm Circles: In Cadence: Forward/ Backward/ Overhead/ Seal Claps/ Cross 5 Abe Vigoda – Slow Windmills
5 Grass Pickers: Legs apart
5 Imperial Squat Walkers – 1Squat 2UpKneeToElbow 3Squat 4UpKneeToElbow 5 Round Your Head with Disc (5 Clockwise/ 5 Counterclockwise)
5:35 Cinco De Plinko – Disc Golf Challenge (Back 5)
Each man had his own Disc. Partner Up = 2 Man Crew Add up you and your partner’s throws:
Low score gets to play Plinko
High score is how many we do of that exercise
Plinko determines which exercise we do:
1: Captain Thor (1 big boy sit up to 4 American Hammers)
2: Iron Hulks (1 merkin:4 Air Presses) Up only
3: No-Surrender (Stormtrooper position, Down on L Knee, R Knee, Up L, Up R) 4: Captain Morgan (Plank position, raise one side up, high side knee up.)
5: Outlaws (Flutter Kick Position, Feet Together, Big “O” L&R)
6: Mayo-Jacks (“Happy Jacks”: Jumping Jacks in cadence to 5 + 2 Jump Squats)
Hole 1: 9 Captain Morgan
Hole 2: 8 Captain Thor
Hole 3: 18 Outlaws
Hole 4: 9 Iron Hulks
Hole 5: 9 No-Surrender + 9 Mayo-Jacks
6:10 Back to the Flag for 5 minutes of MARY: PAXs choice: 15 Frog Crunches, 15 Big Boys, 15 Merica Hammers, 15 Box Cutters & 1 minute of Dyslexic Dogs

Count-O-Rama & Name-O-Rama, Men of Integrity! Ecc. 5:5, Announcements, Prayer for: Hilary’s Hand, People in India, Car for Repo’s daughter, George staying sober. Picture-Rama!

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