May the 4th be with you

AO: First Tree
Beatdown Date: 05/04/2021
Pax: Aquaman, Billy Goat, Donor, Freefall, Skywalker, Summit, Walter, Woody
FNG: Catfish
DR Pax:


The Thang:

Slaughter starter – Chumba burpee

Warmup led by Skywalker in honor of Star Wars Day

Lunge walk
15 Mercans
Hillbilly walkers w/ squat
15 Werkins
Bunny hop
15 diamond mercans
Bear crawl
15 Carolina dry docks
Lizard walk
10 T mericans ic

2x The Killer B’s
Bear Crawl, Broad Jump, and Burpees. PAX Bear crawl roughly 100ft Broad jump back to start, every 5 broad jumps perform 3 Burpees


10 min of Mary – Pax choice

Prayers for my fathers recovery from major surgery, prayers for India. Announcements first Friday ruck this Friday at 8 pm by clubhouse

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