Sticks and Balls at the range

AO: The Range
Beatdown Date: 04/30/2021
Q: Mr. Rogers
Pax: Bear Trap, Bob Ross, Genie, Jeter Phoenix, Moonshot, Sandman, Scoop, Stuffin’
FNG: Crypto
DR Pax:

Soccer training for balance and skills.
Warmup with side straddle hop, windmills, squat thrusts, arm circles and Indian run.

The Thang:
Partner up, one stick and one ball.
Round 1: one partner dribbles the ball around the farthest goal while their partner hops over the sticks (10 left, 10right, 10 together) rotate for 21 total runs.
Round 2: one partner dribbles the ball around the mid range goal while the other part meant hola a plank moving hands from one side of the stick to the other, rotating for 11 total runs.
Third round: split into 3 teams and play three goal game! Winner takes all:)

Announcements: Red Cross Blood drive was sold out! Thanks to all who signed up. Planing a St Mary’s food bank volunteer weekend, look on slack for details.
Prayer intentions for family members struggling with drug and alcohol addiction may they continue their sobriety and find peace.

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