Scout Day in Tukee

AO: The Ranch
Beatdown Date: 05/01/2021
Q: Sweater Vest
Pax: Boots, Creamy, Creeper, Fire and Ice, Flo, Genie, Ratatouille, RoadRash, Sandman, Spaetzle, Timber, U-Haul, Da Vinci
FNG: Roper
DR Pax:

Brief introductions, disclaimer, and welcome to the Ranch!!! PAX did a quick Mosey to the center of the field and proceeded with warm-up exercises – side straddle hop (20x), wind mill (10x), squats (10x), merkins (10x), mountain climbers (12x), and WWII (15x). The PAX then proceeded to Indian Run around the park (aka Ranch).

The Thang:
In an effort to ensure the PAX was properly warmed up, we slit into two groups and played deck of death. One team ran suicides while the other team performed the exercise – diamond push-ups, hand release merkins, squats, and WWII depending on the flipped card. After a proper BD, the PAX played football. Each time a pass was dropped, the offense did 2 merkins and every time a pass was caught, the defense did 2 merkins. After 25 minutes of lots of fun, and the wrong team winning, it was time for rapid fire Mary.

Praised the Lord for our blessings and asked him to help us to be better leaders in our families, office, and communities.

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