Killer B’s!!!

AO: RocketTown
Beatdown Date: 05/03/2021
Q: C(L)ock Blocker
Pax: Live Wire, Moonshot, Mushu, Petra, Repo
DR Pax:

“I’m C(L)ock, I am not a professional. Who are you?”…. “I’m Petra” …. “What’s Petra??”…. Let the rabbit hole begin! YHC definitely rocked Petra all the way home. Repo clearly did too as he exited the parking lot, windows down, and like it was 1985…. Where were we? O yea, disclaimer, yada yada, let’s get everything really warm and loose. It’s going to be a good one today:

All I.C.
1. 50x SSH
2. 25x High Knees with a Slap
3. 15x Blarts (these burned)
4. 10x Apollo Onos
5. Touch your toes and hold
6. Stretch out the Arms (Left across chest, opposite)
7. Big Arm Circles Forward and Backward OYO. Just get loose.

Big mosey around the park ending with heading on to the soccer field from the North running all the way to the South baseline.

The Thang:
Killer B’s……. YHC modified an Iron PAX for this one. Even with the “modification” 5x instead of 10x, it still smoked the PAX! It went like this.

From the base line –
1. (B)unny hop 10-yards to Charizard’s baseball helmet, then do 5x (B)urpees, 5x (B)onnie (B)lairs, and 5x (B)ig (B)oi Sit-ups.
2. (B)unny hope 10-more-yards to Chubs golf towel, then do 5x (B)urpees, 5x (B)onnie (B)lairs, and 5x (B)ig (B)oi Sit-ups.
3. (B)unny hope 10-more-yards to Timber’s Royale Shovel Flag, then do 5x (B)urpees, 5x (B)onnie (B)lairs, and 5x (B)ig (B)oi Sit-ups.
4. (B)ear crawl all the way back to the (B)aseline.
Rinse and repeat FIVE times. Let me tell you. One time was enough, five times was KILLER. Ooooo, I get it, Killer B’s.. Yea, lived up to the name. Increasing the reps to 10x is definitely Iron Pax worthy.

TCLAPs to Petra on form. Greenwood should fly that guy out for the Iron Pax videos! YHC was doing my best on the Bonnie Blairs, but the hop got hard after a few sets. Petra kept it going the whole way (well, if it wasn’t the whole way, it was close!), and all the while channeling his inner U-Haul with – “funny thing is, I never get tired”. I like this guy.

SLOW jog out and around the soccer goal. The PAX, most notably YHC, were pretty gassed (to say the least) and so we needed a cool down jog. Circled up around Timber’s flag for Mary.

Round robin and ended at EXACTLY 6:15am. Moonshot tried to mess with my time, with a surprise “reverse” add-on to his Freddie Mercury’s. In the end, he couldn’t shake the C(L)ock. Start on time end on time!

Talked about the importance of fatherhood. If there’s anything we can give to society as a group; it’s being good fathers and helping others be good fathers. The world seems to be losing focus on such a vital cornerstone (fatherhood) of our society. Let’s put it back in focus.

Led with the disclaimer that we are open to all faiths as long as there is a belief in a higher being:

Prayer Intentions –
1. City of Joy Rwanda Bee Project – Ok, there is a theme today with these bees!! 🙂
2. School faculty and administrators as the close out the year.
3. Repo’s wife’s school Zuni dealing with a lot of COVID cases.
4. Repo’s daughter Annie as they look for a car.
5. Moonshot’s Cousin George as he continues a the path of sobriety and is doing well. He has a birthday coming up and what grace it would be for him to make it there dry.
6. FATHERHOOD!!!!!!!!


P.S. My Spotify is going to soon be rolling with Petra layered into my daily mixes! $100 say’s Sweater Vest has no idea what I’m talking about. It’s ok Sweater, your kids, our age, can explain 🙂

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