Mushu’s Birthday Week?

AO: RocketTown
Beatdown Date: 04/24/2021
Q: Mushu
Pax: Lube Job, The Minotaur
DR Pax:

Disclaimer and Core Principles provided, onto the WARMARAMA.

YHC decided to repeat his Birthday Q from earlier in the week. Isn’t it written somewhere in the bylaws of F3 that states, “Your birthday, your rules”? If not, someone should include it. Either way, onward we go with the same Star Wars references from earlier:


Imperial Walkers: IC x 10
Tie Fighters: Rt Leg Forward Lunge with Baby Arm Circles: IC x 19; Lt Leg
Forward Lunge with Baby Arm Circles to balance the Force: IC x 19

-From there, we progressed through the warmup to…

Grady Corn: IC x 20
Motivators x 7

Short Mosey

The Thang:
Exercise Stations x 4 Exercises:
1st Exercise x 4 (April=4th month)
2nd Exercise x 19 (19th=19th day)
3rd Exercise x 12 (75 or 7+5= year)
4th Exercise x 46 (46 = age of YHC)

Station #1:
Capt Therkins (1 BBSU:4 AH + 5 Merkins, ramping up each time)
Burpees: OMD x 19
Carolina Dry Docks: OMD x 12
Flutter Kicks: OYO x 46

Short Mosey

Station #2:
Hand Release Prison Cell Merkin Burpees (HRPCMBs): OYO x 4
Plank Jacks: IC x 19
Alt Shoulder Taps: IC x 12
Lunges (Single Count): OYO x 46

Short Mosey

Station #3:
Jack Webbs (1 Merkin: 4 Air Pumps, ramping up each time): IC x 4
Crunchy Frogs: IC x 19
No Surrenders: IC x 12
Air Pumps: OMU x 46 (while on our knees)

Short Mosey

Station #4:
Welsh Dragons (4 BC, 1 Merkin, 1 Plank Jack, 1 Alt Shoulder Taps, increasing each time): OYO x 4
BBSUs: OMU x 19
Blarts: IC x 12
Sumo Squats: OYO x 46

Mosey back to SF

Minutes of Mary:
Gas Pumps: IC x 20
Freddy Mercurys: IC x 10 Forward; IC x 10 Reverse)
Indecisive Dog (Rocket Town original – Fire hydrants, alternating legs every 4th count): IC x 20

Spoke about what Rocket Town and F3 means to YHC and encouraged the Pax to continue to plant, grow, and serve our community.

Prayer Intentions:

Moonshot’s Brother In Law
Students and teachers as we wrap up the school year to finish strong.

Great work, Men!

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