Hawaii 5-0 at the (Surf) Ranch

AO: The Ranch
Beatdown Date: 04/24/2021
Q: Longboard
Pax: Bob Ross, Flo, Timber, U-Haul
FNG: Grog
DR Pax:

-Motivators (x10)
-Good mornings (x10)
-Arm circles (x20)
-Inch worms (20 yds)
-Peter parkers on the move (20 yds)
-Supermans (20)
-Imperial walkers (50 yds)
-Hillbilly walkers (50 yds)

The Thang:
50 yd run
Wipeout (turkish get up)

5 sets of 10 with exercises below in between each set.

After first set: Single leg RDL/both sides (30 seconds each)
After second set:Mudsliders (15x)
After third set: Breathe
After fourth set: Chair pose

-Supermans (20)
-Imperial walkers (50 yds)
-Hillbilly walkers (50 yds)

-Merkins (10)
-Crab walks – 4 steps forward, 4 back (10)
-Bicycles (20)
-American hammers (20)

Discussed mission of F3. Prayed for the and joys and trials the pax are going through.

Had a nice coffeeteria as well as all the pax posted and got some quality 2nd F

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