PTR for PTR (Pat Tillman Run)

AO: Piestewa
Beatdown Date: 04/24/2021
Q: Focker
Pax: Armstrong, Billy Goat, Dingo, Fire and Ice, Genie, Live Wire, Mr. Rogers, Panther
FNG: Dingo
DR Pax:

Pax all got parking as we got there early! F3 banner was up and THE BOSS was playing on the radio 📻!! Disclaimer was given. Rule of three was explained. Stay on trail 302… Freedom Trail!!! 4.2 miles is the distance to achieve today. Staying in a group and we will all complete the journey! Took a quick pic and off and running at 0600ish.

The Thang:
From parking bench ran to Piestewa main trail head. Up to the first bench at just under 1 mile. All Pax congregated Kay the bench to start down. The hardest section was done ✔️. Down the backside in the shade to the next bench, I believe Fire N Ice tree some Merkins in there along the way! Met up at second bench. More Merkins if I recall! Great seeing the PTR/Echo Shovel flag making the journey with us! Pushed to the next Bench… kept it moving. Did a Stu Twist to enjoy where we were! Many photo ops along the way (Mushu will be proud)! Music started again at request of Genie and Mr Rogers, more Born in The USA 🇺🇸 beats!! Up we go to the Stairway to Heaven. Sun hit us in the face and “we’re goin’ down, down, down…”. Heading back to Piestewa Main trail and back up to the parking lot! Awesome day!

Countarama and namearama! In only F3 fashion we had a hard time with Countarama 😂 😭! Announcements: 4/28 launch of The Birds Nest 🦅 🦢 🦆 0530!!! 5/3 Freed to Bleed 🩸 blood drive. Prayer group is first Monday. St Mary’s event upcoming TBD! Prayer intentions: Focker MIL for healing, Armstrong for us job and possible moving? 😢 also for staff who work with Armstrong to find good next moves. Coffeeteria at 32nd St Starbucks with BillyGoat, Mr Rogers and Panther 🐆!!!

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