Birthday Beatdown by Forrest

AO: The Dog House
Beatdown Date: 04/22/2021
Q: Forrest
Pax: Jumbo Jack, Rage, Short Circuit, Stark, Wild Thang
DR Pax:

Warm up
9 each Fwd/ bkwd Arm Circles
9 count x 9 Squat Holds
9 imperial Walkers
9 count open arms back hold
9 Jump Lunges x2
9 wide Merkins x2
54 Up/Down arms while scissor leg jumps

The Thang:
1 pax Tire drag length of Bball court
1 Pax Tire carry
1 Pax Tire Flip
1 Pax crab Crawl
1 Pax Side Lunges
1 Pax Bear Crawl
All Start and finish Same time
Repeat until Each Pax has a turn on Each exercise

Round 2 same thing but Tire drag Pax goes across court and down hill and back up to starting position.
Each Pax has a turn on each exercise.

27 Curls with Coupon
27 lawn Mowers one side with Coupon
27 upright row with Coupon
9 Blockees
27 Curls with Coupon
27 Lawnmowers other side with Coupon
27 upright rows with coupon
9 blockees
54 Second Diamond Plank hold
9 blockees

27 legs to one side oblique sit-ups
27 legs to other side oblique sit-ups
9 merkins break repeat 6 times for a total of 54! Bitches!

Recover Recover Recover.
Be sore for the weekend!

Prayed for those who need better health and thanks for another Year of life. Thankful for F3 and you men who inspire me to keep going!!

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