You’re Killing Me, Smalls!

AO: RocketTown
Beatdown Date: 04/17/2021
Q: Mushu
Pax: Live Wire, Mr. Rogers, Petra, Wax Off
DR Pax:

Beatdown credited to our nantan, Chief


* YHC lost track of time and arrived 2 min late. Wax Off had started the Pax in with SSH and proceeded to Windmills before the Flag was planted and YHC took over.

Motivators x 9 (Mr. Rogers came in a few seconds after YHC, he thought he was the only one late. Not sure we set him straight)

Trivia Game Format explained:

– 3 Questions: Pax will plank while waiting for the answer each time
-QUESTION #1: Year the movie came out
Merkins & Plank Jacks (Numbers of year added together + the number of years off)
-QUESTION #2: Crunchy Frogs (Right = 10; Wrong = 20; Undecided=15)
-QUESTION #3: Superman Pull Downs (Right = 10; Wrong = 20; Undecided = 15)

2 Min Mosey

The Thang:
1. Year = 1993 – Live Wire nailed it! Merkins: OMD (On my Down) x 22; Plank Jacks: IC x 22 Heard said from Wax Off – “In Cadence, you sure, Mushu?” YHC got a little worried, but stayed brave and didn’t admit he may have made a mistake. 22 Plank Jacks IC complete!
2. Best Player from movie: Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez – Nailed It! Crunchy Frogs: IC x 10
3. Name of Dog: Hercules – Is this even a challenge? Superman Pull Downs: IC x 10

2 Min Mosey – due to irrigation, we had to find grass that wasn’t underwater and didn’t smell terrible

1. Year = 1989 – Again, Live Wire is proving to be the savant of classic baseball movies! Merkins: OMD x 27; Plank Jacks: IC x 27 – this time on purpose
2. Charlie Sheen’s Nickname: Wild Thing – Too easy for this group! Crunchy frogs: IC x 10
3. MLB League Minimum in 1989: $68K – While they chose undecided, Live Wire’s guess was only a few K off. Superman Pull Downs: IC x 15

2 Min Mosey

1. Year = 2011 – Live Wire 3 for 3! Merkins: IC x 4; Plank Jacks: IC x 4
2. The name of the character Brad Pitt portrays: Billy Beane – No Problem – Crunchy Frogs: IC x 10
3. Moneyball is 1st Baseball movie to be nominated for best picture since what other baseball movie? Field of Dreams. Answered correct. Superman Pull Downs: IC x 10

2 Min Mosey turned into a bit more due to smell and the ground being underwater with irrigation. Ended up on the street for this last set of exercises. No complaints were offered, especially since it separated us from the smell.

1. Year = 1989 Finally, off by 2 years Merkins: IC x 29; Plank Jacks: IC x 29
2. What type of field and in what state did they play? – Corn field in Iowa – Nailed it again! Crunchy Frogs: IC x 10
3. Costner had just starred in what other baseball film? Bull Durham – Wax Off got this one correct. Superman Pull Downs: IC x 10

6 M.O.M.
To be honest, YHC sort of forgot which Ab workout we did except for Wax Off V’s x 5, and American Hammers x 15

“There are three types of baseball players: those who wonder what will happen, those who watch it happen and those who make it happen.” – Tommy Lasorda

We need to be the ones to make it happen and it requires us to listen first and be men of action to help improve our community.

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