Mushu’s Birthday Q!

AO: RocketTown
Beatdown Date: 04/19/2021
Q: Mushu
Pax: Live Wire, Moonshot, Pointer, Repo, Thunderstruck
DR Pax: Snow Bird

Disclaimer and Core Principles provided, onto the WARMARAMA.

Since it is YHC’s birthday, he thought he would throw in some Star Wars references:


Imperial Walkers: IC x 10
Tie Fighters: Rt Leg Forward Lunge with Baby Arm Circles: IC x 19; Lt Leg Forward Lunge with Baby Arm Circles to balance the Force: IC x 19
Grady Corn: IC x 20
Motivators x 7
(Thunderstruck, who is also celebrating a birthday on this day, the big 5-0 to be exact, strolled onto the scene during the Motivators)

Mosey to Dry Ground (due to irrigation)

The Thang:
Exercise Stations x 4 Exercises:
1st Exercise x 4 (April=4th month)
2nd Exercise x 19 (19th=19th day)
3rd Exercise x 12 (75 or 7+5= year)
4th Exercise x 46 (46 = age of YHC)

Station #1:
Capt Therkins (1 BBSU:4 AH + 5 Merkins, ramping up each time)
Burpees: OMD x 19
Carolina Dry Docks (in honor of our DR from Raleigh, Snow Bird): OMD x 12
Flutter Kicks: OYO x 46

Mosey to another dry field

Station #2:
Hand Release Prison Cell Merkin Burpees (HRPCMBs): OYO x 4
Plank Jacks: IC x 19
Alt Shoulder Taps: IC x 12
Lunges (Single Count): OYO x 46

Moseyed back to previous field

Station #3:
Jack Webbs (1 Merkin: 4 Air Pumps, ramping up each time): IC x 4
Crunchy Frogs: IC x 19
No Surrenders: IC x 12
Air Pumps: OMU x 46 (while on our knees)

Station #4: (Due to time, we stayed put for the first part of this station)
Welsh Dragons (4 BC, 1 Merkin, 1 Plank Jack, 1 Alt Shoulder Taps, increasing each time): OYO x 4

Mosey to the SF

Due to time constraint

6 MOM: In honor of Thunderstruck, we ended with BBSUs: OMU x 50 for each year he has been alive.

Story Time with Mushu: Shared a Backblast that YHC found that needed to be shared for a laugh.

Prayed for the Pax, for Moonshot’s M and Brother in Law and for YHC’s M, as she recovers from her thumb surgery.

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