Casino Royale

AO: The Royale
Beatdown Date: 03/30/2021
Q: C(L)ock Blocker
Pax: Choo-Choo, Focker, Frenchy, Full House, Mr. Rogers, Mushu, Package, Timber, U-Haul
DR Pax: Banks, Bartman

A lot of trash talking that morning, banter as they call it, when C(L)ock showed up to Q. Clearly they were just intimidated by YHC. Regardless, we kicked right into gear….

52x SSH
52x Squats
52x Merkins (these weren’t planned, only added because of UHaul’s provocation!!)

Got up and did a big Indian run all the way around the park, back to the shovel flag, and then out to the far lamppost. For the thang…

The Thang:
52x is the theme, and chance is the game. The PAX picked six exercises starting with our guests. One of the guest picked a pickle pusher, or something like that, and it was weird but effective. Burpees was also chosen as one and wow was that a bad idea. It went like this, starting with the first exercise we did 26x of that exercise by the first light pole, and then ran to the other to do 26x more, then run back to the first light pole. The PAX would circle out ot the Six and then jog it back to the light pole and/or finish out reps. There was no resting! The process continued through all six exercises. For burpees, we did them together, in cadence, and that was HARD. Time ran on the Thang and so no time for Mary.

Talked about how we’re all unique and have our own talents. How God loves all of us and has blessed all of us in some amazing ways. Even though we don’t all see eye-to-eye, God given talents are often unmistakable, and should be admired.


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