Casino (No Deck Required)

AO: RocketTown
Beatdown Date: 03/15/2021
Q: C(L)ock Blocker
Pax: Live Wire, Moonshot, Mushu, Pointer, Repo
DR Pax:

Let’s see if I can get the story right, it’s been a while……. YHC was planning one work out, and then Mushu made a comment about getting ready for a deck of cards. I saw his comment early morning, I wasn’t planning on using a deck, I still didn’t want to use a deck, but I did change the workout that morning in the car ride over. Frankly, it was pretty good! Let’s just see if I can remember it because this is a delinquent BB!!! I’m quite sure it’s in the ballpark, Mushu can keep me straight!

52x SSH
52x Apollo Onos
52x Imperial Walkers

Did you pick up on a theme?!

Long warmup jog around the park to the North side. Interval sprinting work on the main drive; for the record, awesome spot for future workouts!

Out to the field for the “thang”….

The Thang:
This is where the memory gets spotty. The theme of that chance and so I put the chance in the hands of the PAX. I had everyone give me a list of exercises, five total, and the last one called (by Mushu) was burpees! First up, merkins (I think?!), 26x at the starting goal line, run to the other side of the field for 26x more, and run back to the starting goal line. Are you picking up on the theme? Chance, casino, 52x cards,…. yep…. We repeated through all of the exercises and ended on burpees. We did the burpees in cadence which was great. The last set got cut short on time, which none of the PAX knew, it was a good mind game, but we ended at exactly 6:15am. Ran in for COT.

COT was about prayer and incorporation into you day. I want to recall we talked about the book “Introduction to the Devout Life”.


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