Day at the Beach

AO: Splash Zone
Beatdown Date: 04/19/2021
Pax: Wild Thang
DR Pax:


The Thang:
Beach Ladder (beach vball courts)
Bear crawl 10 M
10 burpees
Crawl Bear
Lunge walk 25 M
20 jump squats
Walk Lunge
Imperial walker w/ Squat 40 M
30 mercans
Imperial walker w/ Squat
Run backward 55 M
40 merican hammers ic
Run backward
Bunny hop 70 M
50 calf raise ic
Bunny hop

Partner Mucho Chesto (1 partner holds plank while other does 10 reps of each movement)
diamond merican
Carolina dry docks
Sphinx merican


20 crunchy frog ic
30 Frozen Freddys ic
40 wwi su
50 flutter kicks ic
20 regular crunch ic
20 side crunch each side ic

Cor nor

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