The HIM formerly known as Adam Johnson

AO: The Scorch
Beatdown Date: 03/26/2021
Q: Stu
Pax: Mushu, Outback, Spaetzle, Sweater Vest, U-Haul, Wax Off, Cheddah
DR Pax:

Scorch Official KickOff

The Thang:
Dedicated to Uhaul for his overall expertise with music exclusively from Minneapolis i.e. “Let’s Go Crazy”

Mosey with Tour of Park for Official Guests with arms extended vertically,
End Mosey at newly named Mushu Hill,
11’s at Mushu Hill with Burpees on top, Merkins on the bottom ascending the hill backwards,
Mosey to Box and partner up
Partner run around box while other partner exercises………..
Mary with “exercises” of Panther, Ratatouie, Uhaul (of course), Sweater-Vest and Stu

Congratulations to WaxOff on leadership in kicking off a new successful AO.

Official guests:
Uhaul, Spaetze and SweaterVest spoke about the mission of F3 and personal experience.

Thank You for the opportunity

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