2.0 workout 2

AO: The Ranch
Beatdown Date: 04/17/0021
Q: Panther
Pax: Boots, Creeper
FNG: Green thumb, Da Vinci, Hot Wheels
DR Pax:

Don Quixotes, arm circles, SSH.

The Thang:
Mosey over to line of trees. Go to the first tree and do one Merkin, then go to the next and do two, up to 7 trees. Repeat for WW2, squats, plank jacks, lunges, shoulder taps, kick throughs and lawnmowers.
Mosey to benches and do 10 dips, 10 step ups each side, 10 derkins, 10 incline Merkins, and repeat once more. Mosey back to trees, this time with Apollo ohnos, imperial walkers, hillbilly walkers and buzz saws. Mary was around the circle. WW2s, jumping jacks, planks, and an unknown exercise.

Countarama, namearama, named 3 FNGs.

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