Welcome to the Bearmuda Triangle

AO: RocketTown
Beatdown Date: 04/10/2021
Q: Mushu
Pax: Live Wire, Mr. Rogers
FNG: Lube Job
DR Pax:

Originally, 3 Pax met ITG for a Saturday BD @ Rocket Town. Disclaimer was provided and we got to work.

When creating this Q, YHC consulted the F3 Exicon and decided to stick to mainly exercises that started with the letter “b”. Why? Why not?

Bat Wings: (Forward Arm Circles, Backward AC, Seal Claps, Overhead Claps): IC x 20
Blarts: (YHC honestly thought U Haul made these up): IC x 20
—at this point our FNG pulled up, and one can ONLY imagine his thoughts as he watched us performing this exercise —
BBSU: IC x 20
Burpees: IC x 6 – YHC had intended for just 5, but got carried away with enthusiasm.

Indian Run around the Northern part of the park, looping around close to the baseball diamond on the SE field.

YHC stole/borrowed a traffic cone to use as a marker for the tip of the triangle, and used 2 coupons as the two markers to form the base of the triangle. Cones were placed a goodish distance apart (baseline corner of the soccer field – middle half of the field – baseline opposite corner of field)

While setting up the field, there was a spectator taking part in some medicinal herb inhalation. The entire field had a certain spicy aroma that the Pax was able to enjoy for the better part of the beatdown.

The Thang:
BEARMUDA TRIANGLE: OYO – Sidestraddle for the 6th until everyone arrives at the next marker.
1st Triangle:
1 Burpee – Bearcrawl to the 1st marker
2 Burpees, 2 Squats – Bearcrawl to the 2nd marker
3 Burpees, 3 Squats, 3 Plank Jacks – Bearcrawl to the 3rd marker
2nd Triangle:
Rinse & Repeat x 4 plus 4 Merkins – BC to the next marker
Rinse & Repeat x 5 plus 5 BBSUs – BC to next marker
Rinse & Repeat x 6 plus 6 Bonnie Blairs – BC to next marker
3rd Triangle
Rinse & Repeat x 7 plus 7 Imperial Walkers – BC to next marker
Rinse & Repeat x 8 plus 8 Shoulder Taps (in plank position) – BC to next marker
Rinse & Repeat x 9 plus 9 Bobby Hurleys – BC to finish

Final Stretch to SF – Instead of carrying the 2 coupons that we used as markers, it was decided to create one last challenge.
Partner Bear Crawl/Murder Bunny to the SF (approximately 30-40 yds)

6 Minutes of Mary:
Gas Pumps: IC x 20
Freddy Mercurys: IC x 10 Forward; IC x 10 Reverse)
American Hammers: IC x 15
Indecisive Dog (RT original – Fire hydrants, alternating legs every 4th count): IC x 20

Focused on Q Source topic – Disturbance to the Status Quo
“…induces movement, leadership causes disruption.”

Prayed for:
Mr. Rogers sister and her upcoming court issues
YHC’s M and her upcoming surgery – next Mon (4/12)
Moonshot’s M and her upcoming checkup – next Tues (4/13)

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