Meanwhile…Back at the Ranch

AO: The Ranch
Beatdown Date: 04/03/2021
Q: U-Haul
Pax: Armstrong, Boots, Bull Husky, Camperman, Creeper, Exotic, Forrest, Jeter Phoenix, Mr. Rogers, Mushu, Rage, RoadRash, Robinhood, Spaetzle, Stark, Timber
FNG: Roxbury, Flo, Hamburgler, Bob Ross
DR Pax:

SSHs, Imperial Walker, Al Gore, Don Quixote, Mummy, Slow Merkin, Apolo Ono, Blart, Slow Mosey Around the Park

The Thang:
Suicide 11s
Group 1 – Bonnie Blair / Merkin
Group 2 – Air Squat / WWII

Dora’s younger brother…or Monkey – Boots.
50 Groiner
100 Plank Jank
150 WWIs

Fire Hydrants (for Stu)
Hello Dolly (for Ratatouille)
American Hammers (for Panther)
4 for the Corps (For Dora)

This is a leadership group that also happens to be a workout group. Make a difference first in yourself, then in your family, then in the community.

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