Date with Dora

AO: First Tree
Beatdown Date: 03/30/2021
Q: Billy Goat
Pax: ATM, Bookworm, C10, Freefall, Gypsy, Oregon Trail, Skywalker, Summit, Taz, Walter, Wolveriño, Woody, Bellboy
DR Pax:

Quick warmup for the beatdown we were about to receive
Abe Vagotas
Arm swing
Tri stretch
Leg pull through

The Thang:
Dora 1-2-3
Big Boy Sit-ups (or Grass to grass)-200
Skater Jumps-300

Dora 1-2-2
Crab Dip (straight leg)-100
Mountain Climbers-200
Sumo Squats-200

Dora 1-1-0
Calf Raises-100 cadence
Hallelujahs-0 😞

Mary 20 of each
Reg. Crunch
Table top Crunch (LBC’s)
Tapping Crunch
Dying Cockroaches
R leg straight crunch
L leg straight crunch
R Crossover crunch
L Crossover crunch
R Side crunch
L Side crunch

Prayers for health, First Friday ruck this week, Splash Zone Broga on Fridays at 6am, Sandbags mother

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