Spencer Lee 0.5

AO: First Tree
Beatdown Date: 03/26/2021
Q: Treefall
Pax: ATM, Billy Goat, Freefall, Gypsy
DR Pax:

Not a professional, modify as needed, push yourself don’t hurt yourself

The Thang:
F3_Spencer 0.5

Abe Vigoda cadence 10
Cherry Pickers holds cadence 10
Quad pull holds cadence 10
Al gores cadence 10
Motivators 5

15 Min, 2 Rounds
Squat cadence slow down 10
Prime Time Merkin leg up On My Down 10
E2K Cadence hold 20
Nipple Scrape Merkins On my Down 10
Clurpee on my up 10
El Capitan deep walk lunge Cadence 20
Run Lap

Partner 15 Mins
Step Up Cadence 20, Plank
Dips Cadence 20, Wall sit
Calf Raise Cadence 20, Plank
Reverse Pull Ups Cadence 10, Wall Sit
Merkins Cadence 15, Plank

Grass to grass 50 OYO
LBC 50
Plank 1 min

Health, Sandbag mom, Freefall nephews

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