Dora’s Fantastic Flight

AO: The Scorch
Beatdown Date: 03/19/2021
Q: Mushu
Pax: Chop Shop, Live Wire, Moonshot, Mr. Rogers, Stu, Wax Off
DR Pax:

Disclaimer and 5 Core Principles
Free of charge
Open to all men
Held outdoors regardless of weather
Be led by men in a rotating fashion
End with COT

7 Pax met in The Gloom for YHC’s Q. Above the usual disclaimer, YHC informed the Pax that, they any good teacher does, he has opted to “beg, borrow, and steal” from his colleagues, informing them that this entire Q will be one given to him by his F3 brother, Bartman, from F3GoldRush.

Don Quixotes: IC x 20
Grady Corns: IC x 20
Hairy Rockettes: IC x 12 (This is a Bartman special and YHC could not seem to do very well)
Motivators x 9

The Thang:
Moseyed to the base of a hill in the park


In honor of F3Tucson and Tennebaum, who had us bear crawling up a muddy hill in the pouring rain the week before, YHC had the Pax bear crawl up a hill and run back while their partner was doing the exercises.

Burpees x 50
Lunges x 100
Imperial Walkers x 150
Merkins x 200
Plank Jacks x 250
Squats x 300

COT: (Again, using Bartman’s, because YHC had no original thought that day)

“Love is bigger than anything in its way.”
– Bono

Have a problem with a dude? Get over yourself!

YHC added that this hit home due to the fact that his In Laws were staying with him at the time and he was feeling rather frustrated with the situation. It served as a reminder to get over himself and appreciate all that the In Laws continue to do for him. Thanks for the reminder, Bartman!

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