Wet and Beat down from Seattle

AO: The Royale
Beatdown Date: 03/23/2021
Q: Worthington
Pax: Armstrong, C(L)ock Blocker, Chief, Choo-Choo, Focker, Full House, Mushu, Pink Gorilla, Short Skirt, Sweater Vest, Timber, U-Haul
DR Pax: Worthington (WA) – Q

DR guest Q by Worthington! Disclaimer given and started on time at 0530. Warmarama: 25 SSH… run to first light post. Back pedal back 25 SSH. Run back to light 10 Merkins, bear crawl to tree line. Walk to water sprinkler line, WW2 until all PAX get hit/wet by the water sprinklers (55 WW2s). Run back to the flag for explanation of the Thang.

The Thang:
Mumble chatter was in full force during the wet WW2s. Worthington had to make sure we felt a bit like what a workout in Seattle feels. Time to pick up the block, sets of 3 (man makers, block curls, and thrusters) then run to far light post and back. Count down from 10 to 1 to complete each set and with run in between. Picked up the 6 and we were at time 0615.

Countarama and namearama. Announcements. Final Stu Q tomorrow at Furnace! Friday is open of Scorch AO at 0515. 3/27 is Echo Canyon hike for St Joseph the worker.. 4/3/21 is open of Awetokee AO by Uhaul at 0600. 4/24 is Pat Tillman Run at PTR for a 4.2 trail run. Worthington gave words of encouragement by talking about visit with Gonzaga head coach. He talked about humility and the ability to be happy where you are. Prayers…. Humility, Asian community and Armstrong’s knee. SYITG great Q by Worthington!

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