Tabata with a side of coupons

AO: RocketTown
Beatdown Date: 03/22/2021
Q: Focker
Pax: Dora 1.2.3, Live Wire, Moonshot, Mr. Rogers, Mushu, Panther, Pointer, Repo
DR Pax: Nailed It (Omaha)

EC at 0515 with Focker & Mushu. Started on time at 0530. Warmarama: 25 IC SSH, Don Quixote’s, Imperial Walkers. Disclaimer given. Surprise guest Dora 123 was in the house!

The Thang:
Everyone got a coupon of sorts. Mr Roger was prepared for a speech. Tabata was set to some old school BD football music. 2 minutes of work with a 20second rest per round. High Plank, thrusters, buzz saw plank, blockees, shoulder touch with planks, kettle bells, Annie’s L & R, block sit ups, R& L planks, R&L block pull ups, Plank Jacks, center block pull ups, kick through planks, overhead presses, up & down planks, and curls with block. Mary: yogi’s choice, American Hammers, Freddy Mercury’s, box cutters, ww2’s, and leg climbers L& R.

Countarama & namearama; announcements; Saturday is ruck at Camelback Echo Trail for St Joseph the worker @ 0600, 4/24 is Pat Tillman Run at PTR, 4/3/21 is Awetokee AO opening by Uhaul, Moonshot VQ on Wednesday for some BD Frisby golf, Wednesday at Furnace is also final Stu Q. Prayers: Moonshot cousin George for sobriety. For Nailed It who is at a wedding. For the Asian community. Amen! Thanks to Nailed It for coming out to DR today. Also great to see Dora 123 who was back to move the family out.

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