Only A Little Bit of Respect Today

AO: Camelback
Beatdown Date: 03/08/2021
Q: Chief
Pax: Creeper, Sweater Vest, Timber, U-Haul
DR Pax: Emoji

Beautiful morning! And yes, food was discussed plenty. We made it to 5:28am until the first mention of food was made (Kansas City barbecue in this case). Let’s go!

The Thang:
Hike up/down and 5 pain stations:
– incline merkins x 25 (Timber)
– Pulse lunges x 25 per leg (Chief)
– Carolina dry docks x 25 (timber)
– Dips x 25 (SV)
– Burpees x 25 (Emoji DR from St Paul MN)

Great fellowship and discussion about West fork planning, R2R in October, food (no surprise here), and others.

SV spoke about Scout Day message and impact we can have on others, even when we don’t intend to.

Awesome having Emoji catch up with us mid hike!

Have a great week men!

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