Surf’s Up

AO: The Dog House
Beatdown Date: 03/04/2021
Q: Longboard
Pax: Chief, Forrest, Jumbo Jack, Rage, Short Circuit, Stark, Timber, U-Haul, Wild Thang
DR Pax:


The Thang:
Sideline to sideline

Do each exercise to the opposite sideline of the basketball court.

-running shoulder rotations (2x)
-inch worms

-high knees
-butt kickers
-finkle swings on the move
-bonnie blairs on the move

-karaokes (2x)
-peter parker on the move

-power skips
-squat hops on the move

-high knees (lateral)
-moving merks

-butt kickers (lateral)
-bunnyless murder bunnies
-running arm circles

(Repeat all 3)
-Elevated MT climber merkins
-Step ups or box jumps

-Indian snake run up auditorium with last pax doing 5 merkins
-Go Down steps with elevated merkins each step and increasing by 1 each step.
-Oblique side crunch elbow to knee
-Grass to grass long sit-ups
-Plank holds with alternating arms up, legs up and then balance opposite arm leg up each side.
-Merkins x 11
Recover recover


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