Too Many Walls, Not Enough Bridges

AO: RocketTown
Beatdown Date: 03/01/2021
Q: Timber
Pax: Focker, Moonshot, Mr. Rogers, Mushu, Panther, Repo
DR Pax:

Motivators from 8
Grady Corn x 25 IC
Abe Vigodas x 15 IC
Annie x 15 IC
Tappy Taps x 15 IC
Imperial Walkers x 15 IC

The Thang:
Started with an Indian Run around the soccer field and back to the bathroom. Against the bathroom wall we did the following:
Wilt Chamberlains x 25 OQ
London Bridge x 15 IC
Donkey Kicks x 15 IC
Peoples Air Presses x 25 IC
Chicken Peckers x 15 IC

Another longer Indian Run around the soccer field and then to the parking lot where we did Rocky Balboas for a minute x 3.

Mosey Back to the bathroom where we paired off and one partner did a lap around the field while the other partner did a wall exercise and then switched when the running partner returned. The exercises we did were as follows:
Wilt Chamberlains x 1
London Bridge x 1

Once everyone finished we wrapped it up with Peoples Air Presses for a minute.

6 MoM:
LBCs x 30 IC
Australian Snow Angels x 15 IC

Reminder to PAX that sanctification is an ongoing process that won’t be completed until we die. We shouldn’t be too discouraged by short term failures in our spiritual or physical well being but be encouraged by looking back at our long term trajectory.

Convergence this Saturday.
West Fork trip on 6/25.
Rim to Rim trip in October.

Gratitude for beautiful weather and growth of F3 in Phoenix. Protection for frontline workers. Clean bill of health for Marcella (Moonshot’s M) when she goes in for her next check-up.

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