Please be done excuse my dear Aunt SALLY

AO: RocketTown
Beatdown Date: 02/27/2021
Q: Benjamin Moore
Pax: Mr. Rogers, Mushu, Repo
DR Pax:

Welcome to the Jungle Gym-We ran to the jungle and got our juices flowing with a short jog in an unknown park. Did some boxing moves in the sand like Mike Tyson meets Baywatch and some Apolo Ohnos and then jogged back the lot for a beatdown from BeMoore. Intro to Hutton Jones’ Abilene Christian University tennis camp and the beginning of Be-Moore’s path towards learning how to compete each day/each point in all things sports psychology/being present in the moment from 30+years ago. Disclaimer given.

The Thang:
Began the workout with high hopes of 200 jump ropes and 20 doubles before rolling into Sally. With hopes presently struggling with.the ropes, BMoore adjusted on the fly and we got some PR’s. This rolled into meeting Aunt Sally in the gloom with a 4 minute pushup work out to bring Sally up and bring down that Mr. Rogers was quite successful with. Post Sally, we did some cardio in the lot. We returned to attempt new PR’s with the jump rope, BeMoore broke his rope so adjusted for a new one while Mushu hit a new PR as did Mr. Rogers and Repo. The 2nd Aunt Sally salvo was to the same song but we hit the squats for this 4 minute spin. After Squats, we returned to the lot to shake a leg or two out with some general movement like butt kickers. The 3rd session included some more PR’s in the rope jumping arena by the PAX; I won’t share how epic they were but it definitely was EPIC. Our last Aunt Sally proved to be the hardest with lounges and thankfully we alternated legs. We concluded this portion with some light cardio to keep the blood flowing and hopefully reduce soreness. Mr. Rogers introduced us to some new diagonal dance moves that opened the door. I could explain more but the mystery is always better. We concluded with Mary and some WW2’s(situps?) and then 5 alternating sit ups with a partner and attempted to not use the opposite hand. Quite a bit of laughter at the last exercise and definitely will keep this one for future Q’s.

We closed with a the notebook from Coach Hutton’s ACU Tennis camp and the short reading was about living life to the fullest, enjoying this moment and treating today as if it were your last to make TODAY the best day and if it was not your last day, to treat each day as if it were. BE-Moore today and all days that follow and you will have a life well lived. The closing Psalm was shared with BeMoore by his daughter and we prayed for Mushu’s wife, spousal communication, for those that are ill, and for an old coach Manny that had passed away recently and for Mr. Roger’s sister and a cure to addictions. It was a glorious morning for the 4 of us.

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