Wake Up

AO: The Furnace
Beatdown Date: 02/24/2021
Q: U-Haul
Pax: Armstrong, Blockbuster, Boba, Care-Bear, Chief, Dingo, Fire and Ice, Jeter Phoenix, Panther, Pink Gorilla, RoadRash, Sandman, Sherpa, Shock Collar, Spaetzle, Spud, Stuffin’, Sweater Vest, Wilson, Focker
DR Pax:

Alarm clocks

The Thang:
Babba O’rielly with imperial walkers
A.l.a.r.m.s – two rounds – old man style and ‘young’ old man style – to Rocky – and then Nickelback

Danger zone


Make a difference in the lives of others and appreciate what we all have

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