Leave no Key behind, AND leave no Key where you find it!

AO: North Shore
Beatdown Date: 02/25/2021
Q: Forrest
Pax: Lambert, Longboard, Rage, RoadRash, Short Circuit, Stark, Timber, U-Haul, Wild Thang
DR Pax: Trash Panda

Warm Up

Slaughter Starter with double leg kickouts twice x 10 OYO
Squatted Al Gore’s
Butt Kickers
Ray Finkles
Fozzie Arm Circles
Slow Low Squats
Heal Raises

Indian Run last pax does 5 Merkins

The Thang:
2 Pax Alternating Relay

Leg 1 – Total of 200 x Hand Release Merkins between 2 Pax alternating with a run up and down hill and then switch Tallying up Merkins.

Leg 2 – Total of 200 x Crab position alternating ankle grabs between 2 Pax alternating with a run up and down hill.

Leg 3 – Total of 100 x Tarantulas (Jump lunges both sides with a squat = 1) between 2 Pax alternating with a Crawl Bear down hill and Bear Crawl up hill

Mosey back to home base


Flutter kicks x 25
WWI sit-ups x 25
Dying Cockroach x 10
11 Merkins in Cadence

Recover Recover

Pray it out especially for a Pax’s daughter getting an MRI on her knee today.

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