AO: North Shore
Beatdown Date: 02/18/2021
Q: Longboard
Pax: Chief, RoadRash, Stu, Timber
DR Pax:

SSH (40)
High knees (30)
Butt kickers (20)
Copperhead squats (10)

The Thang:
Start at bottom of the hill
Run to stop sign (270m) and jog down.
Repeat 4x.
At bottom do:
25 good mornings (Rd 1)
25 hillbilly walkers (Rd 2)
25 Imperial walkers (Rd 3)
25 hairy rockettes (Rd 4)

Broad jumps across the parking lot and pack (30m)

Mosey to the beach

10 8 count merkins
20 OH arm claps
10 alternating plank extensions

Yoga (yeah I said it, we did yoga for about 10 mins. Sun salutations and all…)

“More things are caught then taught…”

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