Training for Eternity

AO: RocketTown
Beatdown Date: 02/17/2021
Q: Repo
Pax: Focker, Moonshot, Mr. Rogers, Mushu, Panther, Pointer, Shock Collar, Timber
FNG: Ryan – Live Wire
DR Pax:

1 Timothy 4:8 “Physical training is good but training for godliness is better, providing benefits in this life and the next.”
When we live with an eternal perspective, it changes everything and puts the challenges of this life into perspective.

The Thang:
Started with stretching – it’s important to be flexible in life.
Took a little jog to get the heart pumping – we all need good hearts in life.
Worked out legs (squats, step IPS, calf raises, wall sits) – a solid foundation is critical to withstand the storms and trials of life.
Trained guns (wall dips for shoulders & triceps followed by increasing IronHulks to 10 Merkins & 40 air pumps and back down) – need strong arms to plunge out brothers and hug those we love.

Wrapped up with announcements, prayer concerns/praises, and a reminder that perspective is everything and that when we focus on the eternal, it helps keep the things in this life in perspective.

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