Go DBacks!

AO: RocketTown
Beatdown Date: 02/20/2021
Q: Mushu
Pax: The Minotaur
DR Pax:

Similar to the 2020 MLB season, the “crowd” was small today. However, those in attendance definitely got their money’s worth of a beatdown. After the normal disclaimer was given, we jumped right into the warm-up.

Warm-up consisted of YHC asking some questions related to DBacks Trivia with the Pax to determine the number of Burpees. Luckily, The Minotaur knows baseball and knows/LOVES his D-Backs, otherwise this could have gotten ugly quick. Even still, 47 burpees were completed during the warmup.

The Thang:
Honoring the 8 “Greatest” Players to ever wear a Diamondbacks Uniform


G-as Pumps x 51 (Randy Johnson) – These were a bit harder than YHC thought they’d be
O-bama x 11(x4) (Paul Goldschmidt) – Turns out, YHC travels longer distance during his
bear crawls than The Minotaur
D-erkins x 20 (Luis Gonzalez) – Offered thanks that Gonzo’s number was not higher than 20.
B-BSU x 38 (Curt Schilling)
A-pollo Ohno x 12 (Steve Finley)
C-aptain Therkin x 9 (Matt Williams) – REALLY thankful that Matty wore such a small number.
K-raken Burpee x 4 (Craig Counsell) – Timber was not in attendance. No reason to do hand
release merkins in the sand without him.
S-umo Squat x 17 (Brandon Webb)

Mosey back to the Shovel Flag for the Circle of Trust

YHC discussed why he is a huge fan of the DBacks, but not a very forgiving fan. YHC as a baseball manager on Opening Day- “You blew a save?? You had ONE job! That’s it, we’re sending you back to the Minors and giving ALL the money we’re paying you back to education!”

YHC gives credit to F3Goldrush for this next comment, as well as for this baseball themed beatdown…just changed the original Cubs name with DBacks.

Good thing that God isn’t a fan of us, the same way YHC is a fan of the DBacks, or else we would never be forgiven for any of our transgressions. Fortunately we have a forgiving God that forgives us for our past, present and future sins.

Credit for the general idea of this Beatdown is given to KJV from F3Goldrush

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