Where is U-Haul ….?

AO: The Furnace
Beatdown Date: 02/17/2021
Q: Sweater Vest
Pax: Blockbuster, Boba, Chief, Fire and Ice, Jeter Phoenix, Lambert, Nutcracker, Pink Gorilla, RoadRash, Sandman, Spaetzle, Spud, Stu, Wilson
FNG: River Dance
DR Pax:

While driving to The Furnace, SV got an urgent text from U-Haul. Apparently, U-Haul had assigned today’s beatdown to Bull Husky … a college student at the University of Redlands (exactly 316 miles away – one way). And U-Haul wasn’t going to make it … so he needed someone to step in and Q. Thankfully, SV had just cleaned out his trunk this past weekend, and found a large deck of cards …. After a brief disclaimer, the PAX mossied to the center of the field and proceeded to do some warm-up exercises – Motivators (8x), WInd Mills (10x), Merkins (10x), WWII (10x).

The Thang:
The PAX then got into 2 lines and did an Indian Run around The Furnace. The last guy did 3 Burpees. The PAX then met in the middle of The Furnace field and played Deck of Death – hearts (diamond push-ups), diamonds (step ups), clubs (burpees), and spades (squats). We proceed to do 16 rounds before it was time for Mary.

Gave praise to God for living in an amazing place and encouraged the men to be the leaders God expects us to be.

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