Groundhog Day (The Real Day)

AO: The Royale
Beatdown Date: 02/02/2021
Q: Mr. Rogers
Pax: C(L)ock Blocker, Dolly, Focker, Frenchy, Full House, Mushu, Shock Collar, Sweater Vest, Timber, U-Haul, Wilson
FNG: Moist Budda
DR Pax:

Started with love feed from Punxsutawney, PA. Phil saw his shadow which means 6 more weeks of beautiful AZ winter:)
Warm-up: side straddle hops in 10 count 10 silent, 5 ranger merkins for not stopping in cadence. 10 Bill Murray Burpies (360 spin), 10 Punxsutawney Thrusters, 10 windmills, 10 grass cutters.

The Thang:
Split into two groups for Indian run in opposite directions. Meet in the middle of the park to mosey back to the circle together, leader of each line side steps and does on Punxsutawney thruster.
Staying in the two groups (named Winter and Spring) one group bear crawl 40 yards and sprint 40 yards to pull-up station (5 pull-ups). The other group practice ranger merkin form.
3 Round Relay race: Pair up within each team
One pair from each team sprints to the wall and back tagging in the next team. While the pairs are racing the rest of the team does exercises:
Round 1: Pogo 40’s – hop in place 10 both feet, 10 right, 10 left, 10 together (repeat) – Winter won!
Round 2: Merkins/Punxsutawney Thrusters -10 each repeat – Winter won!
Round 3: Arm sequence 10 each, seal claps, over head claps, cherry pickers – Spring won!

Count a rama: 13 Namearama
Announcements: Blood drive Feb 16th, Convergence March 6th
Prayer Requests: redemption, those battling illness.

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