Basketball Practice In Session

AO: RocketTown
Beatdown Date: 02/15/2021
Q: Chief
Pax: Moonshot, Mr. Rogers, Mushu, Repo
FNG: Thunderstruck
DR Pax:

Beautiful morning to be in the gloom! Low 40s and definitely can’t complain based on what the rest of the country has for weather right now.

Disclaimer given and were off!

The Thang:
– Grass grabbers IC x 18
– motivators (up to 8). YHC forgot where he was for a hot second and messed up the count. WHOOPS! My bad! Quickly course corrected back to actual motivators
– Mosey around the pool and back to the bball courts.

At the bball courts, a lot of mumble chatter about what we were doing if we 1) didn’t have a basketball and 2) what we would do anyways since both goals didn’t have a rim attached. Good news is YHC planned a basketball practice without basketballs (and without rims for that matter) required 🙂
– 10s: start at baseline with 9 Bobby hurleys and 1 iron Mike, run to other baseline and back. The. 8 Bobby hurleys and 2 iron mike, etc
– 16 in 60s. Go to sideline and run from sideline to sideline as many times as possible in 60 seconds. Count your total…
– Plank for # of seconds equals to length of bball court: 92 seconds! Thunderstruck crushed the trivia and guessed 94 feet, no burpees needed since within 3 feet of actual…phew!
– Wilt Chamberlains: run separator, 100 LBCs, run separator, 100 sumo squats, run separator, 100 lunges, run separator.
– 7s: same structure as 10s except start at 6 werkins and 1 diamond merkin. Can’t forget about the arms and chest!
– 16 in 60s. Goal is to beat your previous total. If you beat the previous one, this is a good reminder that you’ve got more in the tank than you think and need to push yourself earlier on in the workout. Don’t let up next time.
– mosey back to parking lot. Practice done!

Ended with a quote from basketball great John Wooden. He was known to cancel practice when his players were not practicing at a high standard that was expected of them. This quote below is a great reminder that we should cherish every day, be intentional every day, and be present every day. If we are not doing those things literally right now, today, the opportunity is lost and we can’t “catch up” tomorrow.

“You can never make up for a lost day… Don’t think you can make up for it by working twice as hard tomorrow. If you have it within your power to work twice as hard, why aren’t you doing it now?”

Grateful for all you men that pushed us this morning. What a way to start off the week. Have a great week!

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