Splash Zone 2/13

AO: Splash Zone
Beatdown Date: 02/13/2021
Q: Forrest
Pax: Double Or Nothing, Glory, Gypsy, Natural Disaster, Rage, Sandbag, Short Circuit, Wild Thang
DR Pax: R2D2

Good mornings
Ray Finkels
Squat w/ overhead clap
Arm circles
Scissor jacks
3 count on the down Merkins

The Thang:
Fast Mosey to hill

7’s Star jumps at the bottom, run up hill, Derkins at top, run down hill

7’s Jump lunge squat at bottom, Bear Crawl up hill, Downhill Plank with double leg kick-out/in at top, then Crawl Bear down hill

Fast Mosey to picnic tables

Under table pull ups (Rev Merkins)
Step ups or box jumps
Repeat all Three above X 3 for 20, 15, and 10 counts.

Double leg push out on edge of table
Scissor kicks on edge of table
2 min Plank hold
OYO Merkins for a minute, 30 second break, then repeat Merkins for another Min.

Recover recover!!!

Prayers for traveling F3 brothers!

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