Above Average Most Days

AO: The Royale
Beatdown Date: 02/11/2021
Q: Benjamin Moore
Pax: BDecka, Bull Husky, C(L)ock Blocker, Choo-Choo, Dolly, Focker, Frenchy, Full House, Mr. Rogers, Mushu, Panther, Pink Gorilla, Shock Collar, Short Skirt, Stuffin’, Sweater Vest
FNG: Boba
DR Pax:

Warm up jog to the other side of the park. Ran a warm up pace and mixed in running backwards, defensive slides, and karaoke. Did Variation of warm up exercises, 7 Motivators, Don Q’s, Leg to toe touch. As we jogged back to the starting spot a little faster, combination of skipping, leaping, opened hips, etc to get warm

The Thang:
3 sets of 10 Minutes exercise combos: 1st set: 10 burpees, wheelbarrow to cone with partner (switched with partner), Imperial Walkers, Leap frog partner to cone and back, crab walk, and Bear Crabs. 2nd set: To the Wall: Wall sits for 40 seconds, hand stands at the wall and pushups for brave souls, pushups at the wall and 10 burpees. Cone work, Defensive slide, sprint to cone, run backwards. 3rd set: 10 burpees, Sit up/stand up 5 each side X2 with partner, Defensive Slide left/right and angles, run back to cone, more burpees for Mushu, and Reverse Bear Crawls. Mary-Russian Twists, Multiple Sit ups, and Plank for waaaayyyyy tooo long. Also, some movie quotations during a few moments of down time.

Matthew 6:25-34 Do Not Worry a verse about God taking care of the birds so why should we worry. 2020 being a rough year for many and especially rough for BMoore with about 6 months of unemployment and gratitude for the suffering/mental, physical, emotion well being of the present day. Special intentions for Addie, Jack and Richard in ICU, for marriage and family communication, our leaders in government/institutions.

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