U-Haul’s Circle of Death

AO: The Dog House
Beatdown Date: 02/04/2021
Q: U-Haul
Pax: ATM, C(L)ock Blocker, Curtain Call, Forrest, Messy, Mr. Rogers, Shock Collar, Short Circuit, Spaetzle, Sweater Vest, Timber, Wild Thang, Blue
FNG: Jumbo Jack, Robinhood, St. John,
DR Pax:

motivator, blart, circle of Merkins, Mosey

The Thang:
Snake up the amphitheater (shock nearly died) , Obama’s 8times; rinse and repeat, mosey back up.

U-Haul’s circle of Death
SSH with silent cadence

If you want to go fast go alone; if you want to go far go together.

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