Groundhog Day 2 – Punxsutawney Thrusters

AO: RocketTown
Beatdown Date: 02/01/2021
Q: Mr. Rogers
Pax: C(L)ock Blocker, Holy Roller, Moonshot, Mushu, Repo
DR Pax:

Welcome 6 Pax to the gloom of beautiful Rockettown!
Regular disclaimers, modify as necessary.
Warmed up with windmills, side straddle hop (count to 10, silent count to 15 group did 5 merkins for not stopping together, 3 rounds), 20 Punxsutawney Thrusters (squat thrust with a pull up jump)
We split into 2 groups of three and did an Indian run around the park in opposite direction. We met in the middle of the park changing it up with the first person in line doing a Punxsutawney Thruster to the side all the way back to our circle.

The Thang:
Back at the circle each pax grabbed a pvc pipe and headed over to the soccer field.
Still in our two groups Mushu, ClockBlocker, and Holly Roller representing winter and Mr Rogers, Moonshot, and Repo representing spring we had a relay race to see what Phil will see tomorrow.
Round 1: during the relay teammates “Pogo” over the pipe. Right leg 10, left leg 10, and feet together for 10. Spring won!
Round 2: 10 merkins, 10 Punxsutawney Thrusters and 10 mountain climbers. Winter won!
Round 3: 20 bicept shoulder taps, 20 seal claps, 20 overhead claps. Moonshot brings it home for Spring!
Back to the circle for a gate challenge Winter vs Spring. Each team has one soccer ball to pass through small ‘gates’ cones (10 gates).
The more gates you pass the ball through through the more Punxsutawney Thrusters for the other team.
Round 1, one min: Winter 15 Spring 18
Round 2, one min: Winter 20 Spring 24
Round 3, 30 seconds: Winter 10 Spring 14
Mushu: AmHams for 20
Moonshot: elbow to knee crunches for 15
Repo: overhead claps for 20
Clockblocker: hello Dollies for 40

Countarama (6) Namearama
Announcements: bring food to the workouts this week for St Mary’s Food bank. We will take it on Saturday with us to volunteer event.
Cannes foods peanut butter and even citrus.
Blood drive 2/16 (Tuesday). Sign up on Slack or reach out to SweaterVest.
Intentions: Prayers for Erin who is suffering from an iron deficiency and light headedness.
Prayers for Clocks Father in law, Kenny, to help him in his journey to lose weight.

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